Personalities.. what the word means actually?

We use the term ‘personality’ frequently but WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY MEAN?

‘Personality’ comes from the Greek word “persona” meaning “mask”.

The word personality derives from the Latin word persona which means mask. The study of personality can be understood as the study of masks that people wear. These are the personas that people project and display, but also includes the inner parts of psychological experience which we collectively call our self.

Personality is not easily defined. Basically, personality refers to our attempts to capture or summarize an individuals essence. Personality is person-ality, the science of describing and understanding persons. Clearly, personality is a core area of study for psychology, if not the core. Together with intelligence, the topic of personality constitutes the most significant area of individual difference study. -copy from

As a language student, this will be my field of study. in my next posting, I will post my raw materials gathered from my 5 facebook friend’s postings. wohooo! 😀


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