5 Personality Domains Question’s Sample

Ok, to whom who doesn’t have idea about this thing, maybe you will feel a bit weird because of the word ‘MONKEY’ right? As for your information, this is not the survey for monkey okay.. this survey is for human. 😉

I’ve made an on line survey by using SURVEY MONKEY software. It’s made up of only 10 Questions and this survey aims to identify my respondents personality based on the 5 Personality Domain that I’d post previously. 🙂

Let’s check what kind of the questions I’ve gave them. hee 😀

1. Are you male or female?


2. Rate your age.

15 – 18 years old
19 – 21 years old
22 – 25 years old
26 – 29 years old

3. Thing that you do or saying when you are in a problem?

Cool man.. cool..
Crying..isk isk isk
Spread all things in your room.
Be patient..this only a test from God..
Hang out with friends.

4. When you meet a stranger what would you do?

Go and approach him/her first.
Just ignore him/her.
Give away a smile when make an eye contact with him/her.
Show an annoying face to him/her.
Let him/her be your friends.

5. What colour do you like the most?


6. When facing a problem, how will you look like to act?

A monster.
An angel.
A cute baby.
A non stop talking person.
A new born baby.

7. I am…

easily bored and get tense.
ongoing person.
making friends easily.
usually find calm.
sometimes talk too much.

8. Do you still maintain close contact with friends from high school?


9. Have you thought of trying to get even with someone who hurt you?


10. What is your feelings when answering this survey?

Yes! I’ll be glad to help you.
Naa..It’s boring..
I’m blur right now, can you please ask some one else?
Such an annoying survey!
Okay, the Questions is done! And we will go to the next process that I found out very interesting. Yeahh.. I will collect and analyse the responses and post in this wordpress later. Wait for the results readers! 😀
Will see you all soon with this monkey thingy. hehe. bye!

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