Compliment-Complement, Quite-Quiet, Diary-Dairy, Sole-Soul

Hi readers! this time, we will learn how to differentiate between the four words above. Keep reading! 😉

The four words in bold below are wrong because they are mistaken for words with the same or almost the same sounds and spelling but with different meanings.

1. I complement her on her ability to draw.

In the first sentence, to complement means to add new or contrasting features or qualities to improve something or to make it complete. The word that the writer or speaker should use is compliment which means to express admiration or praise of somebody or something. The correct sentence is:

  • I compliment her on her ability to draw.

2. The children were quiet noisy.

In the second sentence, the writer or speaker mistook quiet for quite. Quite means with very little or no noise whereas quite means very. The correct way to write or say the sentence is:

  • The children were quite noisy.

3. She would write in her dairy every day.

In the third sentence, the writer or speaker mistook dairy for diary. As a noun dairy means a place where milk is kept and milk products are made or a shop where milk, butter, eggs, etc. are sold. As an adjective, dairy means concerned with producing milk and not meat. So, the third sentence should be written or said as:

  • She would write in her diary every day.

4. He was the soul survivor of the crash.

The fourth sentence is wrong because soul means the spiritual part of a person. The phrase soul survivor makes one think that the ghost of the dead person did not die and was wandering every where! freaky right?? The word needed for the fourth sentence is sole which means one and only. The correct way of writing the sentence is:

  • He was the sole survivor of the crash.

Okay readers, we will continue our grammar lesson in the next, next, next, next… postings. hehe 😀

bye! take care. 😉


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