Survey Monkey Results: 5 Personality Domains Friend’s Response

Hi readers! Okay, now I will shared my data collected from the friends of the 5 Big Personality Domain respondent. Keep reading okay? 😉

Question 1: Are you male or female?

Question 2: Rate your age.

Question 3: Thing that your friend do or saying when he/she are in problem?

Question 4: When your friend meet a stranger what would he/she do?

Question 5: What colour do your friend like the most?

Question 6: When facing a problem, how will your friend look like to act?

Question 7: Your friend is…

Question 8: Do he/she still maintain close contact with friends from high school?

Question 9: Have your friend thought of trying to get even with someone who hurt him/her?

Question 10: What is your friend feelings when answering this survey?



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