Individual Analysis of Communication Strategies

For this task, we need to transcribe a video of a pair conversation. As for me, I need to transcribe and analyse the conversation between Abdul Rauf and Muaz. Here the actual transcription I had to work on.



Rauf Muaz
Name Abdul Rauf bin Suhaimi Muaz bin Mohamad
Age 20 22
MUET Grade Band 4 Band 4
Race Malay Malay
Gender Male Male

Transcribing Analysis:

Rauf : Hi Muaz.


Muaz: Hi Rauf.\


Rauf : How’ve you been doing?


Muaz: I’m good actually. It’s a nice day.\ [giggle]


Rauf : Ohh..are you working now?


Muaz: No, I’m not working. I’m still studying. \


Rauf : Ohh.. Actually I’ve been working on a project that is … I think will be a big success

for our company. Do you mind to know what is that?/


Muaz: Yes,I’d love to.


Rauf : It might sound … but actually we are actually developing on a box.


Muaz: Oh I see. (show interest)


Rauf : Are you feel interested in thebox?/


Muaz: Yes, I am. I am. I have lots of box and lots of goods.


Rauf : Oh that’s good. Do you want to hear some about my creative box?/


Muaz: Yes, please.


Rauf : Okay, like this. You know… we’ve been developing a box which is very suitable for

the traveler, very convenient, very applicable and functional for the traveler to bring

the box everywhere they go and … there are four aspects that we are taking into

consideration so that we can meet the needs of our customer. They are aesthetic value,

capacity, sales pitch and also aesthetic (looking at Muaz for some help). So I am the

one who is taking charge of the capacity. So but before that I really want to ask you.

Do you have a box at your house?/


Muaz: Yes, I have a box but I don’t use it for travel. I usually use it to keep things. So I

really would love to know what you mean by a travelling box.


Rauf : Now this is interesting because previously we know that the box is only used for the

storage itself. So that now we want to change the mindset of people. We want them to

use the box as an item of fashion. For travelling.\


Muaz: Okay, I seeI see… This is interesting. [giggle]


Rauf : And it’s a new thing.


Muaz: Trend setting …\


Rauf : Have you been travelling to any place?


Muaz: Ya, last time I travel, I went to Singapore and then to Johore \, Sabah\. But … for

travellers I’ve never seen people with boxes. I mean, if we go and we look at previous

lame, green backpacks. It look so heavy, it’s look so unfashionable, so… I mean if

you go into expensive restaurant, you dress out like that, so …


Rauf : I know. The problem is we as traveller we are not actually travelling for long period

of times. Usually we are only travelling for about four days or three days. That is the

limit for people at range. So normally all of us bring the backpacks on our back and

the size is very big and it so looks like … you know? So let see\… the weight that you

bring in your backpack is 25kg. That is too impossible, so let’s us make it 8kg. If you

bring it to your bag, how can you reduce it? Of course you need something that is

very applicable to bring even if you hand like this (show the action with his hand). So

you bring the box, meaning that we put inside the box 3kg. That means you only need

to bring 5kg on your back. And you will look like a … walking by the streets you …

so that is what we want to create for the … of our people. Not only for the benefits,

not only that it is very convenient but also it helps you in many other way even it



Muaz: Oh I see. I see a point and I really love to see this becoming a trend becausepeople …


Rauf : But don’t be surprise, don’t be … if I say the price is a bit expensive.



Muaz: Ohh.. I want to know the price because you know, fashion trends and it makes your

body …


Rauf : It might sounds a bit upsetting for you, but the price I actually RM25.00.


Muaz: It’s not that expensive. /


Rauf : Really?/


Muaz: Yes, it’s quite cheap, actually for something new, for something convenient, I think

it’s on the right price.


Rauf : Ohh…\ that’s good to hear that. And even if you buy the box for about RM25.00 you

can even receive many merchandises. One of it is we can actually receive a stickers,

that stickers you can use to all size of the box.


Muaz: Aaa…/


Rauf : The box is actually presented in a clean walls, meaning that we give the freedom to

the customers to actually create the box on their own.


Muaz: To make it more focus, stylish according to our own. I think that’s really was good.


Rauf : The box is really personalize, even though it is clench, because it is clench, we give

all the freedom to the customer to make …


Muaz: Yes, I think that’s a lovely. Draw and stick anything what we want, and amazing



Rauf : You really want to buy it?/ [giggle]


Muaz: Yes,thank you.. [giggle]

Communication Strategies Frequency Report

Matrix No: A137518 Date: 18 NOV 2012
Name of Participant 1: Abdul Rauf bin Suhaimi
Code Name: G2d
Gender: Male
Race: Malay
State of Origin: Perak
MUET Band: 4
No. Strategy Frequency
1. Message Abandonment * 1
2. Topic avoidance
3. Literal translation
4. Language switch
5. Restructuring 1
6. Circumlocution
7. Word coinage
8. Approximation* 1
9. Appeal for assistance
10. Offer help 1
11. Lexical repetition 10
12. Tonicity 9
13. Topic fronting
Name of Participant 2: Muaz bin Mohamad
Code Name: G2e
Gender: Male
Race: Malay
State of Origin: Selangor
MUET Band: 4
No. Strategy Frequency
1. Message Abandonment *
2. Topic avoidance
3. Literal translation
4. Language switch
5. Restructuring 3
6. Circumlocution
7. Word coinage
8. Approximation* 2
9. Appeal for assistance
10. Offer help 1
11. Lexical repetition 7
12. Tonicity 9
13. Topic fronting

Final Analysis Report

Based on the video-to-text transcription I had done on the Impromptu Conversation between Abdul Rauf (Subject 1) and Muaz (Subject 2), basically both of them used the same strategies during their communication at that time.

Subject 1 starts the conversation with an awkward greeting to Subject 2 and here shows the message abandonment happen. Thus, not to let that situation happen, he proceed with an explanation about his product (box) while Subject 2 is quite blur at that time. But Subject 2 just on going with the Subject 1 to give chances for Subject 1 promote his box.

Next, both of the Subject use restructuring strategies to reformulates their syntax utterance. Subject 2 used more restructuring than Subject 1 in this conversation. This is because Subject 2 do not have continuous idea about what he is talking so he keep make sentences with the same meaning but different structure. Approximation in this communication happens when a speaker is not sure about what he is trying to say. In this conversation there are some approximation occur when Subject 1 had mistaken on saying the weight of the backpack. He said 25kg at first but then changed it to 8kg.

During the conversation, Subject 2 appear to offer help when Subject 1 is unsure about the word ‘aesthetic’ he want to use. This is maybe because in the video conversation, he seems like he know that the word ‘aesthetic’ he had used before it. As for Subject 1, he had done the same too for subject 2. When he saw Subject 2 looks like he is mumbling, he appear to help with the correct words. In terms of lexical repetition and tonicity, both of the Subject used a lot of them. Tonicity can be used to highlight key information and to differentiate between new information. By using repetition and tonicity, they made the conversation flowing smoothly.

As for the conclusion, the Subject 1 and Subject 2 conversation are going in the correct way of communication. Both have good vocabulary and can speak fluently during the conversation. Their intonation shows that they are interested in what they are talking to one another. They are also using gestures, facial expressions to express the message they are trying to deliver. I think both of them had done a good work.


5.0 Neuroticism

5.0    Neuroticism

ari nie ku berase sngguh snyi sklie kerna tiada owg mnemni ku tika ku bersdih….pilu stiap ari ati nie bila mngnang dirimu… ku hrus mnympn prasan sdih ku 2 di dlam atie shje kerna ingn tidak d ketahui oleh org laen…mngpa kau pergi dri hidupku …diikau ske mliht driku sdih megenangkn drimu…stiap ari driku nie sperti org yg tlah khlngn sseua2 yg brhrge…
Like · · 21 January at 13:18 ·Sheera Mizzteddy, Jes Jezz and 2 others like this.

ANALYSIS: All of the sentences above shows the respondent feeling at that time is moody, tense and feeling sad because he has no one by his side.

trase sayu je atie mlm nie..trase dri nie sprti keseorngn ….
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ANALYSIS: The phrase “trase dri nie keseorngn” reveal the loneliness felt by the respondent and this shows that he is easily tipped into experiencing negative emotions by his surroundings.

haruskah ak lalui sume nie tanpamu…slma nie smue yg ak lakukan mstie brsama dgn mu…tpi skang smue 2 hnye khayaln ku skang..kerna kau tlah pon pegi dri idop ku ini..smoge kamu bhgiengn idop kamu skang….
Unlike · · 12 January at 16:33 ·You and Nurizati Ali Abidin like this.

ANALYSIS: The respondent is full of sadness and sensitive because the girl he loved was not at his side anymore. This qualities shows that he is a neuroticism.

jika ttisan hjan mmbsahi jndelamu,,itu tndenya air mata ku mnitis merindui mu,,,
jika ade drah mnitis di jarimu,,itu tndenya sesuatu yg brok brlku padaku….
jika kau mlihat driku di dlam tidor mu,,ku ingn mngucapkn slmat mlm syg….
jika kau trdgr al-Quran syup2 d sbuh ari,,,itu tndenya ak tlah pegi sblom mu….
jika kau mngis swk2 ak d slubungi kain putih,,maafkn ak kerna tdk smpat bertmu dgn mu…..
sesngghnya ak mseh myngi mu syg….
tpi dri ku sdah pon pegi sblom mu…
maafkn ku….jgn lpe cri pgnti dri ku….
selamat tinggal syg….
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ANALYSIS: Based on this posting, the respondent is just like a lost person in his love environment. He feel very tense and cannot bear all the pain of disappointed by his lover.

hari nie ak ase tersekse sgt sbab ubt2 ak da abes n mlm nnti bwu nk blikn..ak terpakse than smpi ubt ak dbeli..ya allah ap ag dugaan yg akan mnmpe hambe mu ini…
Like · · 1 November 2011 at 19:02 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent having a disease and his medicine is running out. He is falling into negative emotions that he cannot faced the test from God. This kind of personalities is in neuroticism category.

bak kte owg tue2,,ckap malam pandang2..ckap siang tngah2 pdang nie..pakai la sight-miror bwu tau owg dtang blkang..nk kutuk owg..
Like · · 29 October 2011 at 12:11 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent is trapped into feeling that brought negative emotions to himself. He felt very tension because somebody is talking at his back and he accidentally hear it.

npe la pompuan xpnah pham ap laki ckap,,spe la ley tlong ak slsai kn mslh ak nie,,
Like · · 14 October 2011 at 15:55 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent feeling the tense in communiacating with girl and he need someone to help him. This shows his anxiousness.

exam da nak dkat,,,,,,,,ap ptot aq wt ni
da la aq xsedie lg,,
redha je la ap nk jdi ti,,
PMR is waiting
Like · · 23 September 2011 at 22:33 near Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan ·

ANALYSIS: Based on the respondent posting’s, he is very worried that he doesnt do anything meanwhile the big exam is just around the corner. He just hope that there will be a miracle happens.

ap nk jdi zaman skrng…bnyk tol mslh msti kne hdapi….da naik tension aq…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..
Like · · 7 September 2011 at 19:18 near Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan ·Mustaqim Sad Man likes this.

ANALYSIS: The word “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..” and “tension” in that posting shows that the respondent is in high tense at that time because of the problems he had to face and overcome at the same time.

ap nk jdi skrng ni..mkin ari mkin bnyk mslh yg aq kne hdapi…bnyk btol mslh…pning gler kpale,,,
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ANALYSIS: This posting is completely shows the respondent personality as a neuroticism because of the phrase “mkin ari mkin bnyk mslh yg aq kne hdapi…bnyk btol mslh…pning gler kpale,,,“. He is anxious as he felt that he cannot settle his problems and it has become increasing in numbers each day. I can assume that the respondent are insecure, moody and sensitive that have all the characters of a neuroticism person.

3.0 Extroversion

3.0    Extroversion

Alhamdulillah, Its just a dream.
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ANALYSIS: The word “alhamdulillah” express the respondent feeling at that time. She was very thankful because it just a dream and not a reality.

I will never forget bout my foolishness, believe in a thief ! 😀
Like · · Sunday at 19:49 via Nokia ·

ANALYSIS: The emoticon at the end of the posting shows that she is an out-going person and emicable in expressing her feeling.

Im in love with my best friend 😀
Like · · 23 March at 23:26 via Nokia ·

ANALYSIS: From the posting I can assume that she is a friendly person and being nice to her friends with the laugh emoticon at the back of the post.

?”You’d get saturation and live in solitude ” Good Bye !! 😀
Like · · 23 March at 13:46 near Jakarta, Jakarta Raya ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent is an extroverts that draw inspiration from the social situations she have and she is an outgoing person.

May you’re like the light of sun at dawn time, give warmth till doomsday.
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ANALYSIS: In this posting, the respondent express her feeling and consider someone in her life as the light of sun and can give her comfortness to herself. This statement shows her inspiration from social situations.

?”l love the way you lie”
My neighbor has already sung that song above loudly. And Seems her voice not only waken up me but others also. Btw I love the way u lie 😀
Like · · 16 March at 23:52 via Nokia ·

ANALYSIS: This respondent shows an extrovert values that is friendly and being nice to others because she didnt have the anger on what had her neighbour done that makes her wake up.

Beautiful or handsome will be useless if u dont have good personality and brain 😀
Like · · 14 March at 03:53 near Jakarta, Jakarta Raya ·

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ANALYSIS: For this posting also the respondent had an emoticon “:D” at the end of her statement. I can assume that she was nice to others and she puts the emoticon in order to make the readers feel comfortable with her amicable personality.

  1. Respondent:
    I wish I have a dinner in the sky with my daddy. Unique dinner ! 😀
    Like · · 13 March at 21:00 via Nokia ·

ANALYSIS: As I read this posting, I can say that the respondent is very close to her father and outgoing person because she wish to have a dinner with her father.

Im happy, so happy bsc of u 😀
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ANALYSIS: The respondent shows her friendly character by saying that she is happy with somebody and appreciate him so much.

?”As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.” -Karen Clodfelder
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2 people like this.

ANALYSIS: The respondent deliver her feeling by using a quotation by famous writer and she wants to shared it with others as she love them.

4.0 Agreeableness

4.0    Agreeableness

Kenapa diri ini tenang even orang melihat apa yang menimpa diri ini
adalah sesuatu yang berat , rahsianya adalah “Keyakinan terhadap Allah…”
Tipulah jika diri ini tak pernah rasa sedih, kecewa, marah etc ~
Tetapi ianya sebentar cuma, because always pujuk hati “Allah kan ada” ? :’)#Kekuatan yang ada pada diri ini adalah 100% dari Allah,
ikutkan hati, agaknya diri ini dah jatuh tersungkur lemah tak berdaya…
Unlike · · Share · 2 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent has the qualities of optimistic and trusting of her God even though she had faced a problems and never blame others.

Ada orang bertanya kenapa solatnya tidak khusyuk , rezekinya tak berkat dan hidupnya gelisah ? Rupa-rupanya kerana dia banyak melukakan hati manusia tanpa di sedari !#Allahurobby… ???’
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ANALYSIS: From the posting, I can say that the respondent want the readers to recognized their own fault and repent. The quality of nurturing also can be seen from this posting

Dunia memang takkan pernah adil , kerana yang adil itu hanyalah Allah !
Like · · 15 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: The exlamation mark in the sentence is a sign that she was nurturing the facebook readers to understand the true conditions clearly.

Berhati-hati dengan apa yang kita baca, kita like, dan comment… Mungkin boleh mendatangkan pahala, mungkin juga penambah dosa, tanpa kita sedar !#Note to self ~ :’|
Like · · Share · 1 April at 17:25 ·

ANALYSIS: In this posting, instead of told to herself, she took the chances to shared it with her facebook friends and this kind of personalities fall into agreeableness person.

Bila keyakinan itu tidak bulat pada Allah, kita akan mula ‘menggantungkan’ diri pada ‘makhluk’ yang lemah lagi tidak berkuasa !# Jangan. Jangan begitu. Mari, betulkan YAKIN kita. Tetapkan dalam hati kita , “Allah kan ada… Tak perlu gentar dan gusar. Dia akan terus bantu kita !” ^,^
Like · · Share · 1 April at 16:16

ANALYSIS: This posting refers mostly to an agreeableness person that are the peace-keepers who are generally optimistic and trusting of others. I say so because, she have a strong believe that her God will always be with her.

“Ketiadaan diri peribadi Rasulullah SAW tidak boleh dijadikan jawapan di atas kegagalan dakwah di zaman ini”(syed qutb)
Like · · Share · 20 March at 09:26 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent want to stress her taught in that postings and invite others to be optimistic and not blame the others.

Yakinlah dengan janji Allah… :’)
Like · · Share · 20 March at 08:43 ·

ANALYSIS: Optimistics is the perfect word to describes this kind of posting. The respondent is a person who is a peace-keeper.

Wanita yang bijaksana mampu mengubah sahara yang gersang menjadi taman yang segar menghijau…#hopefully ? ???
Like · · Share · 19 March at 09:58 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent is being optimistically about being a woman in that posting and she hope she will be the one someday later.

Jika kita tolak hanya satu huruf dalam Al-Quran, hukumnya kafir.
Inikan pula orang yang menolak hukum Allah. :’|#Berhati-hatilah dalam berbahasa !
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ANALYSIS: In that posting, the respondent want the others to be careful when talking about religion. Other than that, I feel that she wants to nurturing people based on the exclamation mark at the end of the sentences.

Aku merasa hairan dengan manusia, mereka mencintai Allah tetapi mereka melakukan maksiat kepadaNya. Mereka membenciku, tetapi mereka menurutiku.
-IBLIS-#Allahurobby…. Oh tidak ~ ! ???’
Like · · Share · 18 March at 14:00 ·

ANALYSIS: The respondent put an exclamation mark in the posting as she wants people to aware of what she is trying to say. This kind of personality should be in an agreeableness person.

1.0 Openness to Experience

1.0    Openness to Exprerience

Jauhi kontroversi , tingkatkan prestasi..
Kurangkan soal hati , banyakkan soal mati..
Like · · 14 hours ago

ANALYSIS: From this posting, I can assume that he is someone that has a creative thinking because he can arrange the sentences along with the point that he wanted to stress to make it more interesting and attract other people to think.

Ramai Orang Perkatakan Bila Ada Orang Ingin Berkahwin, “Apakah Suami Itu Mampu Menanggung Isterinya”, Kerna Nampak Suami Itu Wajib Memberi Nafkah Padanya…Jarang Orang Perkatakan, “Apakah Isteri Itu Mampu Menjadi Isteri, Lebih-Lebih Lagi Isteri Solehah”, Sedang Isteri Itu Wajib Taat Suaminya Akan Segala Hal Selepas Daripada Mentaati Allah Dan Rasulullah, Sedang Mentaati Itu Bukan Barang Yang Senang…
Like · · 14 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: This posting make the readers open their mind and think of it deeply. I can say that he is a curious, intelligent and have an imaginative thinking because of the way he wrote the sentences, he can bring the readers along with his mind and opinions.

Jangan Gila Pujian dalam Amal IbadahIbnul Qayyim dalam Al Fawaid mengatakan, “Tidak mungkin dalam hati seseorang menyatu antara ikhlas dan mengharap pujian serta tamak pada sanjungan manusia kecuali bagaikan air dan api.”

Seperti kita ketahui bahwa air dan api tidak mungkin saling bersatu, bahkan keduanya pasti akan saling membinasakan. Demikianlah ikhlas dan pujian, sama sekali tidak akan menyatu. Mengharapkan pujian dari manusia dalam amalan pertanda tidak ikhlas.
Like · · 15 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: Based on the second paragraph, he shows that his imaginative mind think from out of the box and share some advice in the last sentence. This make the readers attracted to read and think.

“Tiga manusia adalah sumber kebaikan: manusia yang mengutamakan diam (tidak banyak bicara), manusia yang tidak melakukan ancaman, dan manusia yang banyak berzikir kepada Allah.”
[Mutiara Hadits Imam Ja‘far]
Like · · 15 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: From the post above, I can say that he is curious and appreciate diverse views and ideas from other person because he shared the information that he got from his learning.

Air Mata Seorang ADAM..Air mata seorang lelaki,
Andai mengalir kerana kecewa dengan cinta wanita,
Maka hilanglah sifat pemimpinnya.

Air mata seorang lelaki,
Andai mengalir kerana kecewa dengan dunia,
Maka hilanglah sifat redhanya.

Air mata seorang lelaki,
Andai mengalir kerana tidak sanggup melihat kesusahan orang tuanya,
Maka terbitlah sifat belas ehsannya.

Air mata seorang lelaki,
Andai mengalir kerana terluka,
Maka hilanglah sifat kekuatannya.

Air mata seorang lelaki,
Andai mengalirnya kerana takutkan Allah S.W.T,
Maka bergembiralah,
Kerana air mata yang sedikit itu mampu,
Memadamkan api neraka kelak.

” Ya Allah, anugerahilah kepada kami dua buah mata yang menangis kerana takut kepada-Mu, sebelum tidak ditemunya air mata.”
Like · · 15 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: Through his imaginative thinking, he tends to be the high-scorers of artistic quality because from this posting, the readers can feel the sadness and what he is trying to deliver.

Ketika kita mengeluh : “ Ah, tak mungkin kot… ”… ??????? menjawab : “ Jika AKU menghendaki, cukup Ku berkata “Jadi”, maka jadilah “Ketika kita mengeluh : “ Beratnya dugaan ni, x sanggup aku … ”…. ?????? menjawab : “ AKU tidak membebani seseorang, melainkan sesuai kesanggupan ”

Ketika kita mengeluh : “ serabutnyaa … ”…. ??????? menjawab : “ Hanya dengan mengingatku hati akan menjadi tenang ”

Ketika kita mengeluh : “ aku sedihh sangat… ”…… ??????? menjawab : “ La Tahzan, Innallaha Ma’ana. Janganlah kamu berduka cita, sesungguhnya Allah bersama dengan kita !
Like · · 15 hours ago ·

ANALYSIS: This posting shows his maturity as a man that can faced all the problems come into him and is an creative way to deliver his feelings.

Cara untuk menarik orang lain ke arah kebaikan:1- Tambah ilmu.

2- Buat dan tunjukkan contoh yang baik.

3- Belajar menggunakan bahasa dan pertuturan yang baik.

4- Tabah, sabar dan pasang niat kerana Allah.

5- Tegur dan seru mereka ke arah kebaikan.

Pokok pangkalnya, mulakan dengan mengubah diri sendiri.
Like · · Tuesday at 23:15 ·

ANALYSIS: This posting can be a creative way of delivering messages and advices of some point. I can assume that he is an intelligent person with many views, ideas and experiences from this posting.

Kunci kebahagiaan seorang hamba adalah jika dia mampu bersyukur atas kurnia-Nya, bersabar atas cubaan-Nya dan bertaubat atas dosanya.
Like · · Tuesday at 23:13 ·

ANALYSIS: I can see the respondent intelligence from this posting and he have a lot of views, ideas and advices to share with other readers.

Taaruf adalah pertemuan antara pasangan bukan mahram yg ditemani mahram wanita itu. sebaik2 mahram wanita adalah ibubapa. namun tiada salahnya jika ia membawa rakannya sebagai mahram. namun rakannya mestilah seorang yang tahu dan kuat berpegang kepada ajaran agama yakni apabila diadakan pertemuan, si mahram tidaklah boleh terjebak dengan membenarkan kedua2 lelaki dan wanita itu membuat sesuka hati mereka sehingga melanggar hukum syarak.Taaruf kebiasaannya membincangkan isu penting seperti ingin mengenal hati budi, akhlak, perkahwinan, dll. di dalam taaruf, tiada perjanjian sama ada lelaki atau perempuan wajib atau harus menerima lamaran pasangannya kerana dalam sesi taaruf itu mereka akan mengenali pasangan dan boleh juga menolak sama ada ingin meneruskan atau tidak hubungan itu.

Di dalam taaruf itu, jika wanita berniqab itu diminta untuk diperlihatkan wajahnya, maka harus baginya memperkenankan hasrat bagi yang memintanya kerana ia akan menimbulkan suatu rasa dalam hati yang memintanya sama ada ia senang atau tidak untuk meneruskan hubungan itu.
Like · · Tuesday at 19:07 ·

ANALYSIS: From this posting, I found that he have many information to shared with his facebook friends and I can say that he is a person with a wide knowledge.

?”Memang amat tinggi letaknya kebahagiaan. Namun kita harus menuju ke sana. Ada orang yang berputus asa berjalan ke arahnya lantaran disangkanya jalan ke sana amat sukar. Padahal mudah, kerana ia dimulai daripada dirinya sendiri.”Kejujuran Amat Penting Dalam Setiap Hubungan…
Like · · Tuesday at 17:06 ·

ANALYSIS: In this posting, it seems that he motivate another person to make a positive changes in their lives. He wrote the posting based on his opinion and point of view.

2.0 Conscientiousness

2.0    Conscientiousness

Nothing happens without a purpose. So when something happens that you dislike, or that hurts you, be careful not to get lost in the illusion created by pain. Look through it. Find the message in the bottle. Find the purpose. And let it lead you to glimpse just a little more of Him.
· · 25 March at 14:13

ANALYSIS: She is tend to be someone that really tend to be a good planner because she wants to look for something seriously in her life.

To every cry of “Oh Lord” He answers a hundred times, “I am here”
· · 25 March at 00:32 ·

ANALYSIS: The way she post this posting is seems that she wants others to know that something is really important and this reflects her responsibleness quality.

Wanita itu juga berpesan kepada saya, katanya, “..Ustaz, kalau ada perempuan Islam yang tak pakai tudung, Ustaz ingatkanlah pada mereka, pakailah tudung..”Cukuplah saya seorang saja yang merasai seksaan itu, saya tak mau wanita lain pula jadi macam saya.

ANALYSIS: Based on this posting, I find that she dont want others to feel the same sequences that she had faced through and this shows her conscientiousness of other people.

Seorang lelaki mati secara tiba-tiba sebaik sahaja keluar dari kedai arak setelah selesai meneguk beberapa gelas arak bersama teman-teman.Semua mata yang memandang sambil riak muka yang sinis pasti menyifatkan lelaki itu dengan seburuk-buruk kematian.

Ini kebiasaan, manusia bersikap.

Tapi semuanya pasti tidak tahu bahawa kebarangkalianlelaki itu keluar kerana tiba-tiba diserbu rasa insaf dan terlalu takutkan Allah serta bertaubat dengan sebenar-benar taubat sejurus sebelum kematiannya.

Manusia akan pantas berkata-kata tentang apa yang mereka lihat,
namun soal hati, hanya Tuhan sahaja yang tahu.
· · 6 March at 19:36 ·

ANALYSIS: She is extremely reliable and dont have negative thoughts about other people.

Alangkah ajaib dan hebatnya zat kasih sayang Allah swt. Sebaik tangan diangkat dengan penuh pengharapan dan rendah diri memohon pertolongan dan petunjuk, sepantas itu terbang melayang gundah gulana, lebur hati yang rawan dan cair jiwa yang walang justeru mendapat kekuatan diri yang membakar semangat.Subhanallah, Sesungguhnya hanya padaMU tempat ku mengadu. Tidak aku akan bersedih dan berdukacita kerana ENGKAU sentiasa bersamaku.
· · 6 March at 12:47 ·

ANALYSIS: From the posting, I can evaluate that she is someone that really preserving herself.

Dahulu, seorang Yahudi yang menyelak kain seorang wanita Islam, bala tentera yang belasah.Kini agenda Yahudi menyelak kain puluhan ribu model iklan wanita Islam, sekadar mata menjamah.
· · 4 March at 17:44 ·

ANALYSIS: This posting shows that she is a deep opinion thinker. She is affected from the scene she had seen in and out of her world and religion.

Like Cinderella we were taught that we are helpless unless a prince comes to save us. Like Sleeping Beauty, we were told that our life doesn’t fully begin, until Prince Charming kisses us. But here’s the thing: no prince can complete you. And no knight can save you. Only Allah swt can 🙂
· · 29 February at 19:13 ·

ANALYSIS: She is tend to be a high-achiever in her life based on this postings and trust her Lord very much to help and save her from this complex life.

Menjadi hikmah Allah, tidak ada lelaki yang boleh mengandung walau sehebat mana pun dia. Dan menjadi hikmah Allah juga, hanya wanita boleh mengandung walau selemah mana pun mereka. Tentunya, Allah lebih tahu, siapa yang lebih mampu untuk menanggung beban dan amanah tersebut.** Seorang lelaki jika ia kesakitan, ia akan membenci. Sedangkan wanita jika ia kesakitan, ia akan bertambah kasih. Sebab itu jugalah Hawa dicipta ketika Adam tidur, agar ia tidak merasa kesakitan. Tetapi wanita melahirkan anaknya dalam keadaan terjaga, agar dia kasihkan anaknya 🙂
· · 27 February at 07:08 ·

ANALYSIS: This posting shows that she is a kind of person that strong and can manage herself with pain and she very admire a person who calls a mother.

MARRIAGE is the rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors :Feelings, Love, Sadness, Happiness, Truth, Faith, Secret and Respect and working towards jannah 🙂
· · 23 February at 07:19

ANALYSIS: From the post I can assume that she is a good planner and want the other people to working towards what they wanted in their life.

Walau seribu rintangan melanda, walau serba kekurangan, perjuangan harus diteruskan, tanggungjawab harus tunaikan, sehingga nafas yang terakhir. Lakukanlah setiap perkara yang diamanahkan dengan keikhlasan hati, supaya apa yang kita sentuh bisa menjadi emas. Tunaikanlah amanah yang diberi dengan bersungguh-sungguh, agar ke mana kita dicampakkan bisa menjadi pulau.Hayatilah hidup ini selagi diberi kurniaan nafas. Kematian itu pasti, cuma masa dan ketikanya saja berbeza. Kira perlu mempersiapkan diri sentiasa untuk mengadap ALLAH bila-bila masa saja.

” Dan bagi tiap-tiap umat ada tempoh (yang telah ditetapkan) maka apabila datang tempohnya, tidak dapat mereka tundakan walau sesaatpun, dan tidak dapat pula mereka dahulukan.”

Harapanku, semoga segala ilmu dan perkongsianku di ruangan fb ini bermanfaat buat diriku dan juga para pembaca. Biznillah, khair insyallah.
· · 15 February at 19:28 ·

ANALYSIS: She is a responsible and a well-planner person because she wants her knowledge to be spread and shared among her friends in facebook and plan well for the next stage after she died.