3.0 Extroversion

3.0    Extroversion

Alhamdulillah, Its just a dream.
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ANALYSIS: The word “alhamdulillah” express the respondent feeling at that time. She was very thankful because it just a dream and not a reality.

I will never forget bout my foolishness, believe in a thief ! 😀
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ANALYSIS: The emoticon at the end of the posting shows that she is an out-going person and emicable in expressing her feeling.

Im in love with my best friend 😀
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ANALYSIS: From the posting I can assume that she is a friendly person and being nice to her friends with the laugh emoticon at the back of the post.

?”You’d get saturation and live in solitude ” Good Bye !! 😀
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ANALYSIS: The respondent is an extroverts that draw inspiration from the social situations she have and she is an outgoing person.

May you’re like the light of sun at dawn time, give warmth till doomsday.
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ANALYSIS: In this posting, the respondent express her feeling and consider someone in her life as the light of sun and can give her comfortness to herself. This statement shows her inspiration from social situations.

?”l love the way you lie”
My neighbor has already sung that song above loudly. And Seems her voice not only waken up me but others also. Btw I love the way u lie 😀
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ANALYSIS: This respondent shows an extrovert values that is friendly and being nice to others because she didnt have the anger on what had her neighbour done that makes her wake up.

Beautiful or handsome will be useless if u dont have good personality and brain 😀
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ANALYSIS: For this posting also the respondent had an emoticon “:D” at the end of her statement. I can assume that she was nice to others and she puts the emoticon in order to make the readers feel comfortable with her amicable personality.

  1. Respondent:
    I wish I have a dinner in the sky with my daddy. Unique dinner ! 😀
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ANALYSIS: As I read this posting, I can say that the respondent is very close to her father and outgoing person because she wish to have a dinner with her father.

Im happy, so happy bsc of u 😀
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ANALYSIS: The respondent shows her friendly character by saying that she is happy with somebody and appreciate him so much.

?”As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.” -Karen Clodfelder
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ANALYSIS: The respondent deliver her feeling by using a quotation by famous writer and she wants to shared it with others as she love them.